Mechanical Testpack Mechanical Testpack These are used for testing the mechanical capability and mechanical performance of postal automation equipment. Some 20 different letter formats are included in a mechanical testpack for a letter sorting machine. The envelope contents can be varied and also the envelope quality; from the best, white, high quality envelopes to poor quality manila envelopes with difficult mechanical behaviour. With the growing market for flatsorters testpacks are also needed for these types of machines. For testing purposes a number of different formats for flats (including plastic-wrapped mail) can be delivered. Depending on the requirements, this testmail is filled with various types and numbers of paper sheets, newspapers and magazines to cover the given range of the daily live mail. Additional features can be offered for each testpack, such as: individual serial number on each mailpiece return address in case of delivery coins, creditcards etc. within the envelope oversized letters (too long, stiff, high or thick) undersized letters coloured markings for easy evaluation of the test result in the bins or stackers testmail logo for easy identification sortation of all sets in identical sequence