Qualification Testpack Qualification Testpack first choice for tendering new reading and sorting equipment (letter, flat, parcel) Current tender situation: analysing the tender, each supplier is looking forward to obtain some information about the livemail situation  depending on the timeframe, the supplier only has the chance for spot checks of non- representative livemail Result: The different supplier analyse various non-representative livemail situations to generate performance figures for the proposal. During the evaluation of the proposals the Post can not rely on a common base for the different proposals – the confidence level of the performance figures is decreasing with the increasing range of performance levels proposed by the various suppliers. One question becomes more and more importance: “Which supplier has the best understanding and the best analysis of our livemail situation?” Introduction of the qualification testpack The qualification testpack solves the problemsituation mentioned above, because with this testpack all suppliers receive the same nationwide and representative sample of the livemail: based on a representative nationwide livemail sample optimized sampling period (excluding e.g. X-mas, Easter etc.) includes 4.000 - 10.000 pieces of testmail contains original window envelopes and plastic wrapped material (flat) nationwide sampling can be performed by the testpack company Result: The large number of testmail enables the suppliers to determine performance figures with a high confidence level. The Post can knows the common base for the evaluation and has the chance to run the testpack on existing equipment for comparison and analysis. Therefore, the qualification testpack allows the Post to create transparent and comparable performance-price ratios for the first time. After the decision for one supplier this testpack can be used as a performance guideline during the complete project. For the contract negotiations performance figures will be based on the testpack and at the end during acceptance testing the qualification testpack can be defined as one of several tests in the acceptance test procedure. The qualification testpack also can be modified to obtain a reference testpack for daily maintenance or a software release testpack to check new software-releases before the systems are updated nationwide.