Welcome to the testpack company Acceptance testing, training and maintenance without risk CDS The testpack company delivers the complete range of necessary testpacks. How often do you face the problem of how to run an acceptance test with reproducible results ? You are looking for representative testpacks, but testing purposes are only one reason for using testpacks - training and maintenance issues are also involved. During a training course, a wide range of mail pieces should be included that demonstrate the problems that may arise during live mail operations, in order to teach the operators and technicians how to handle such difficulties. Dead letter mail may contain some problem cases, but not all the variations compared to the given variety of one condensed testpack. Another example of an application for using testpacks is trainingcourse  for operators of a sequence sorter. In the important field of maintenance, reference testpacks can be used to verify system performance. If we consider an OCR for example, it is an easy task for the operators to run a reference testpack through the machine once a day before the shift starts. The results are checked and if the deviation of the actual results exceeds the given range, then the technicians need to check the system. The costs for the procedure and the testpacks are negligible, compared with the potential loss of money if the machine operates for some days at about 10 or 15 percent below expected performance (in the case of an OCR , the read rate). This poor performance would have to be compensated for with expensive manual sorting efforts or with additional videocoding staff. Home Contact